New Internal Operating Procedurs approved by Michigan Supreme Court

DETROIT, MI, July 2, 2020- The Michigan Supreme Court has approved two new Internal Operating Procedures relating to the Judicial Tenure Commission.

IOP 9.207(B)-1.1 allows the Commission to refrain from opening a file as to any individual who is named on a Request for Investigation but is clearly not within the Commission's jurisdiction as defined under the Michigan Court Rules (such as an attorney, federal judge, or administrative law judge).

IOP 9.220(B)(1) provides criteria for the Commission to consider regarding the sharing of all or part of its file with the Attorney Grievance Commission if a respondent retires or resigns from office while under investigation for misconduct or pending resolution of disciplinary proceedings.

The new IOP's may be accessed  by clicking here. Please note the IOP's were proposed before the Michigan Court Rules were revised, and are numbered based on the previous court rules; the Commission is working toward revising the numbering of the IOP's to reflect the current court rules. All of the Commission's IOP's apply to the extent that that do not conflict with any of the revised  court rules.