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Written correspondence (including completed, signed, and notarized Request for Investigation forms) may be sent to

Michigan Judicial Tenure Commission
3034 West Grand Blvd.,Suite 8-450
Detroit, MI 48202

General inquiries other than submitting completed Request for Investigation forms may be made to:

(313) 875-5110
Toll free: (800) 508-8566
Fax: (313) 875-5154    (NO Requests for Investigation or inquiries about pending or closed grievances by fax, please)
E-mail:  (NO Requests for Investigation or inquiries about pending or closed grievances by e-mail, please)

Communication with individual Commissioners prohibited: Any communication between a grievant (or others on the grievant's behalf) and any individual Commissioner is considered ex parte communication and is prohibited. All Request for Investigation forms and supplemental material regarding pending grievances should be sent to the Commission via regular mail to the above postal address.

Please note:
  The Commission staff is not permitted to advise anyone if any actions (even hypothetical) constitute misconduct. A completed Request for Investigation form, including an original, notarized signature, must be submitted to the Commission to have any factual scenario reviewed. After submission of a Request for Investigation form and investigation, it is the Commission, not the staff, that determines if allegations reflect acts of improper conduct.

Timing of submissions and consideration by Commission:
   Requests for Investigation must be processed by the Commission staff, and investigated by a staff attorney, before forwarding to the Commission for consideration.  As that can take weeks or months the Commission usually does not consider Requests for Investigation at the meeting immediately after they are submitted by a grievant.


Because of the requirements of an original signature and verification by a notary public, Requests for Investigation MAY NOT be accepted by e-mail or facsimile, and the Commission WILL NOT open grievance files based on information submitted electronically.  In addition, the Commission may only review and assess facts concerning a claim of judicial misconduct after a Request for Investigation has been filed, and the staff cannot report on details regarding an investigation due to confidentiality requirements. The staff cannot address hypothetical scenarios as to whether the facts establish misconduct.

Contact with individual Commissioners (whether by email or any other means) is prohibited ex parte communication. Further, due to security concerns, the Commission staff will not open attachments to or links in unsolicited e-mail messages sent to the Commission's office e-mail address. The Commission e-mail address is not directed to any individual, and should only be used to make general contact with the Commission office, on topics such as questions relating to Commission procedures, or requests for forms by mail (if a form cannot be downloaded from the web site).  As the confidentiality of internet transmissions via e-mail cannot be assured, please do not use e-mail to report complaints against judges or to submit supplemental material regarding an open grievance. Refraining from e-mail submissions regarding specific cases will assist the Commission in preserving the confidential nature of its investigations.  Information regarding pending or closed grievances will not be provided via e-mail.