Michigan Judicial Tenure Commission

2017 Judicial Tenure Commission
Standing (back row): Glenn J. Page, Esq. (Deputy Executive Director), David T. Fischer, Hon. David H. Sawyer*, Thomas J. Ryan, Esq.

Standing (middle row): Hon. Nanci J. Grant, Hon. Lawrence S. Talon, Lynn A. Helland, Esq. (Executive Director), Melissa B. Spickler

Seated: Hon. Monte J. Burmeister (Secretary), Hon. Pablo Cortes (Chairperson), Nancy J. Diehl, Esq. (Vice-Chairperson)

 *  Judge Sawyer resigned from the Commission effective May 31, 2017.  Judge Karen Fort Hood was elected to represent the state's Court of Appeals Judges on the Commission effective June 1, 2017.