Pending and Resolved Formal Proceedings

In cases involving allegations of serious misconduct, the Commission typically institutes formal proceedings after the preliminary investigation is complete.  When these proceedings are instituted the Examiner files a complaint based on the authorization of the Commission, which constitutes a formal statement of the charges, and the matter becomes public. 

The Pending Formal Complaints and Recent Supreme Court Decisions tab on the left links to a page listing the Commission's pending formal complaints and those recently resolved by the Michigan Supreme Court.  That tab includes access to the documents relating to formal proceedings posted in each case as they are available; the most significant of those are: 

  • Formal complaint (filed by the Examiner)
  • Answer (filed by the Respondent judicial officer)
  • Master’s report (filed after the formal hearing)
  • Decision and Recommendation (filed by the Commission after briefing and oral argument)
  • Decision (issued by the Michigan Supreme Court after briefing and oral argument)

Matters submitted to the Supreme Court by consent are also listed.  Those cases typically include a Decision and Recommendation based on a Settlement Agreement, and if approved by the Supreme Court will result in a decision which will be posted. 

In addition, the Commission cases that are pending before the Michigan Supreme Court are identified on that page.

The Formal Complaints and Disciplined Judicial Officers tab on the left provides an alphabetical list of all public judicial disciplinary proceedings and all publicly sanctioned judicial officers.  Please note that some cases are decided by the Supreme Court with the consent of the respondent and without a formal complaint being filed, so there is no formal proceeding and therefore no formal complaint number.