What the Commission CANNOT Do

The Commission is not an appellate court.  The Commission cannot change a decision made by any judicial officer, or direct a judicial officer to change a decision.  When a court makes an incorrect decision or misapplies the law, the ruling can be changed only through court action, including but not limited to an appeal to the appropriate reviewing court.  The Commission cannot arrange for a judicial officer to be taken off a case or have a matter transferred to another judge.  The Commission cannot provide legal assistance to individuals, explain legal procedures, intervene in litigation on behalf of a party, or become otherwise involved in legal proceedings.  The Commission has no jurisdiction over federal judges or administrative law judges such as workers’ compensation magistrates, department of corrections hearing officers, and the like.  It has no authority over court staff, attorneys, or any police authority. 

Communication with individual Commissioners prohibited: All Request for Investigation forms and supplemental material regarding pending grievances should be sent to the Commission via regular mail directed to its postal address. Any communication between a grievant (or others on the grievant's behalf) and any individual Commissioner is considered ex parte communication and is prohibited.

Please refer to the "FAQs" and "Legal Authority" tabs on the Home Page for more detailed information on the Commission's jurisdiction.