Summaries of Non-Public Resolutions

The Commission resolves some Requests for Investigation without a public proceeding, pursuant to MCR 9.223(A)(2) – (A)(4). In those instances, the Commission informs the respondent of violations of the Code of Judicial Conduct, sometimes including recommendations for corrective action. The confidentiality provisions in the Michigan Court Rules do not permit the Commission to disclose the names of judicial officers or to release the correspondence issued to the respondent in those cases. Summaries of those resolutions, for reference use (but not as precedent as they are private dispositions), are listed below by year.

Click on each year listed below to access summaries of some of the Commission’s findings in those cases in which it took confidential corrective action in the respective years. The staff is working to add more summaries from the year 2000 to the present.  The numbers used to identify the summaries for each year are randomly assigned, do not reflect case file numbers used internally by the Commission, and might not be consecutive.

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