Michigan Constitution Article 6 Section 30

Article 6 § 30. Judicial tenure commission: selection; terms; duties; power of supreme court

Sec. 30. (1) A judicial tenure commission is established consisting of nine persons selected for three-year terms as follows:  Four members shall be judges elected by the judges of the courts in which they serve; one shall be a court of appeals judge, one a circuit court judge, one a probate judge and one a judge of a court of limited jurisdiction.  Three shall be members of the state bar who shall be elected by the members of the state bar of whom one shall be a judge and two shall not be judges.  Two shall be appointed by the governor; the members appointed by the governor shall not be judges, retired judges or members of the state bar.  Terms shall be staggered as provided by rule of the supreme court.  Vacancies shall be filled by the appointing power.

(2)  On recommendation of the judicial tenure commission, the supreme court may censure, suspend with or without salary, retire or remove a judge for conviction of a felony, physical or mental disability which prevents the performance of judicial duties, misconduct in office, persistent failure to perform his/her duties, habitual intemperance or conduct that is clearly prejudicial to the administration of justice.  The supreme court shall make rules implementing this section and providing for confidentiality and privilege of proceedings.

Enactment ratified Aug. 6, 1968, Eff. Sept. 21, 1968.