Internal Operating Procedures

MCR  9.203(A) permits the Commission to adopt and publish rules (Internal Operating Procedures, or "IOP's") addressing its internal administrative operations and proceedings which do not conflict with the Michigan Court Rules governing its operations.  The IOP's have not been updated based on any amendments to the court rules done after the IOP's were revised in 2005.  The current Michigan Court Rules or other provisions of law have precedence over any contradictory provisions in the IOP's.

On August 14, 2019, the Michigan Supreme Court adopted several new Internal Operating Procedures applicable to the Commission. The new procedures may be accessed by clicking here. Another new IOP was adopted along with the revised Michigan Court Rules that took effect on September 1, 2019.

The Michigan Supreme Court adopted two new Internal Operating Procedures applicable to the Commission in 2020. Those IOP's may be accessed by clicking here.

The Michigan Supreme Court has adopted a new Internal Operating Procedure applicable to the Commission, approving revisions to its document retention policy. The IOP may be accessed by clicking here.

Please note that the current IOP's (including the recently adopted procedures as referenced above) are based on the numbering system previously maintained in the Michigan Court Rules. The IOP's remain effective to the extent they are not inconsistent with the revised court rules (regardless of numbering). The IOP's will be revised to reflect the rule revisions.