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State of Michigan Judicial Tenure Commission

The Judicial Tenure Commission serves to promote the integrity of the judicial process and preserve public confidence in the courts. Michigan created the Commission when voters passed an amendment to Article 6, § 30 of the Michigan Constitution in August, 1968. The enabling court rule is now codified in MCR 9.200.

The Commission strives to hold state judges, magistrates, and referees accountable for their misconduct without jeopardizing or compromising the essential independence of the judiciary. The basis for Commission action is a violation of the Code of Judicial Conduct or Rules of Professional Conduct, which are published with the Michigan Rules of Court.

Commission meetings
The Commission generally meets on the second Monday of each month, unless otherwise decided by the Commission.  Meetings are not open to the public, unless the Commission is conducting a public hearing as required in formal complaint proceedings.  The dates for the Commission meetings in 2015 are:

January 12

July 20

February 9

August 31

March 16

No September meeting

April 13

October 12

May 11

November 9

June 8

December 14

For submitting allegations of improper conduct regarding a State of Michigan judicial officer, please refer to the following information, including pages located on this web site:

If you have a complaint concerning the conduct of a Michigan state judge, magistrate, or referee, please refer to the How to File a Grievance page for a Request for Investigation form and submission instructions, including the Commission's mailing address.  The Complaint Process and FAQs pages are also useful resources in understanding how the Commission operates.

Staff processing of Requests for Investigation prior to Commission meetings:
Requests for Investigation must be processed by the Commission staff, and investigated by a staff attorney, before forwarding to the Commission for consideration.  As that can take several weeks (or longer), the Commission usually does not consider Requests for Investigation at the meeting immediately after they are submitted by a grievant.

Submission of documents to the Commission: 
Regardless of the resolution of the matter, the Commission does not return materials that are provided to it by the grievant and does not photocopy documents relating to Requests for Investigation.  Therefore, the grievant should not submit original documents to the Commission, and should retain copies of all documents submitted. 

For allegations of improper conduct by attorneys, federal judicial officers, or administrative law judges (over which the Commission does not have jurisdiction), please refer to these resources:

If you have a complaint concerning an attorney practicing in Michigan, the Judicial Tenure Commission cannot assist you.  Please contact the:

Attorney Grievance Commission

Buhl Building
535 Griswold, Suite 1700
Detroit, MI  48226
(313) 961-6585


If you have a complaint concerning a federal judge or magistrate (even if he or she is sitting in a federal court located in Michigan), the Judicial Tenure Commission cannot assist you.  Please contact the:

United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit

Office of the Circuit Executive
503 Potter Stewart U.S. Courthouse
100 E. Fifth Street
Cincinnati, Ohio 45202-3988
(513) 564-7000

US Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit

(To view the rules regarding complaints based on judicial misconduct or disability on the Sixth Circuit website, click on "Judicial Complaint" under the "CIRCUIT EXECUTIVE" heading on the left.)

If you have a complaint concerning an administrative law judge, the Judicial Tenure Commission cannot assist you.  Please contact the respective department or agency in which the administrative law judge sits for further information regarding any available complaint process.



The Judicial Tenure Commission provides the information on this web site as a service to the Internet public.  All information is intended to be complete and timely.  However, the Commission does not guarantee the accuracy of this information, and assumes no responsibility for any errors or omissions.

The Judicial Tenure Commission does not provide legal advice or explain legal procedures.  Those matters should be reviewed with an attorney. 

Although some of the information contained on this web site addresses legal matters relating to disciplinary proceedings, it is only intended to assist the public in obtaining a general understanding of the judicial disciplinary process.  The underlying facts concerning every grievance are different, and the material contained on this web site is not intended to be used to definitively assess a judge’s conduct. 

This web site contains links to other web sites.  The Commission does not assume any responsibility for the content found on those sites.

The content of this web site is administered by the Judicial Tenure Commission staff. Please e-mail comments or questions regarding the site or general procedural issues, but not about potential or pending Requests for Investigation, to:


or call (313) 875-5110, and ask to speak to the Web Site Administrator.

For a more complete statement of the Commission's policy regarding electronic communications, click here.

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