Pending Formal Complaints and Recent Supreme Court Decisions

Select documents relating to the pending and recently resolved formal or consent proceedings may be obtained by clicking on the documents below.  Arrangements for viewing and obtaining copies of all public materials concerning any formal complaint can be made by contacting the Commission.

Formal Complaint No. 96
Hon. J. Cedric Simpson, 14A District Court

Formal Complaint No. 96

Answer to Formal Complaint No. 96

Master's report

Commission's Decision & Recommendation

Formal Complaint No. 98
Hon. Lisa O. Gorcyca, 6th Circuit Court

Formal Complaint No. 98

Answer to Formal Complaint No. 98 (including Affirmative Defenses)

Master's Report

Commission's Decision & Recommendation

By Consent
Hon. Gregg P. Iddings, Lenawee County Probate Court

Commission's Decision and Recommendation

Michigan Supreme Court Order

Commission Recommendations
Pending Before the Michigan Supreme Court

(The Commission's Decisions and Recommendations in the respective cases may be accessed above.)

Formal Complaint No. 96 as to Hon. J. Cedric Simpson

Formal Complaint No. 98 as to Hon. Lisa O. Gorcyca