Request for Investigation Form

Please use a Request for Investigation form to submit a complaint to the Commission alleging misconduct concerning a State of Michigan judicial officer. A Request for Investigation form may be accessed by clicking here (a PDF version of the form will be opened). Please note a separate instruction sheet will not be printed- follow the directions on the form and below.

The court rules require that every person filing a grievance (“the grievant”) have his or her signature verified (i.e., notarized) to establish that he or she has sworn to the truthfulness of the statements made in the grievance.  Although a second grievant is optional, if two individuals are listed as submitting the document, each person must sign the form with a separate notarization.  The Request for Investigation form has an area for a second signature and notarization, which should be filled out only if a second person joins in the complaint.   There is a maximum of two grievants per Request for Investigation form. 

The space on the form for submitting your allegations (Part III on the third page) is limited.  You may attach additional pages if necessary to set forth your complete allegations of improper conduct by the judicial officer.  Some choose to type out their allegations in full on a separate document (please note that on the form if you choose to do so).  You may wish to include copies (not originals) of any relevant documents or transcripts.  If you send transcripts please include a copy of the front page of each volume and corresponding copies of pages from the transcript volume that are relevant to your allegations. 

Because of the requirements of an original signature and verification by a notary public, Requests for Investigation MAY NOT be submitted electronically (that is, by e-mail or facsimile), and WILL NOT be accepted if they are sent in that manner.  Therefore, Requests for Investigation and any accompanying documents must be submitted to:

SUITE 8-450
DETROIT, MI  48202